1. Play in a giant ball pit
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    Today. I went to the Beach exhibit at the National Building Museum, which is basically just a giant ball pit filled with soft, pearly orbs. There's a "deep end" & a "shoreline" to replicate the merriment of ocean playtime. There were lots of kids jumping & diving & disappearing in the sea and I tried not to think about how many of these kids had lice. I was, obviously, the only person just chilling alone. It was a Wednesday at 2 pm and all my buds have jobs. Life is nothing like the show Friends
  2. Eat tapas
    Barcelona, 2010. I was in the city for a long weekend alone and ate many delicious meals of dishes that are, by their nature, intended to be shared. Carpe diem!
  3. Go to a Russian Orthodox festival in Baltimore
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    My friend (who is of Russian heritage--I am not, not even a bit) and I had planned a day trip to Baltimore to do fun things and go to this festival. She flaked. Kind of to spite her, and also cause I was interested, I ended up going to Baltimore by myself and to this festival anyway. I sat alone at a table eating traditional Russian treats on paper plates, surrounded by (Russian) families, watching this band--The Beltway Balalaikas--perform
  4. Take a cooking class in Paris
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    The only single person. We made lemon macarons. I didn't have to share mine with anyone
  5. Participate in an Easter egg hunt
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    At my hotel in Paris last year, where I was staying--you guessed it!--solo. I wasn't fully "in" it but I did casually peruse the courtyard to see if I should happen to stumble upon some eggs. Pictured is the complimentary dark chocolate egg the hotel gave every guest, grown or child, regardless of his/her participation