1. Writing
    Every damn day
  2. A morning cup of coffee at home
    That first cup must be at home. Not on the go. Not at a cafe. I need some restful sips to get me going.
  3. Taking trips by myself
    To the movies. To new cities. I love traveling with people but I also really love, every once in a while, the chance to explore a place by myself and follow my own agenda
  4. Flowers and plants
    Having naturally beautiful and living elements in my home keeps calm and happy
  5. Meds
    It took me a few years to make peace with the fact that meds would be a necessary, and probably life-long, component of my mental well-being.
  6. Strengthening my ties to my family
    My relationships to my mom and my brother are probably the most important ones in my life. My mom is my best friend and my brother is...we're working on it. We're working on building a relationship from nothing really. He is a brave, beautiful person. His health and happiness, I am realizing, means more to me than my own.
  7. Making time for my friendships
    I'm lucky to have a lot of incredible, wise, and fucking hilarious women and men in my life. They make me feel joyful and heard and understood and silly and are so important to my well-being
  8. Nina, Ella, Billie, Neil, Frank, Dolly, Leonard
    Simone, Fitzgerald, Holiday, Young, Sinatra, Parton, Cohen
  9. Roasting a full chicken every once in a while
    Crispy skin. Garlic. Lemons. Rosemary. Butter and olive oil. Potatoes. The smell of it all that dances through your house
  10. Treating myself to good dinners out
    I don't like the wasting my money on mediocre meals
  11. A room with a view
    I like to sit and look out a window (preferably with music playing and a glass of whiskey in my hand)
  12. Sunshine
    I am always trying to maximize my exposure to sunshine (while wearing spf50 and still being, at heart, an indoors kid)
  13. Reading
    Fiction and essays and longform articles, mostly
  14. Whiskey
    High West Campfire
  15. Dogs
    All of them. Mine mostly. Living 3000 miles away from him kills me
  16. Quitting things that aren't fulfilling
    (Me on my last day in the Senate)
  17. Art
    On my walls. In museums. Low-brow. High-brow. Cheap. Expensive. Small screen. Silver screen. New discoveries like lightning strikes. Old favorites like warm hugs.
  18. Cleaning a little every day
    Little chores keep everything tidy and guest-ready and prevent the big buildup of dishes and dirt and laundry that make me want to throw the towel in literally
  19. Minimizing the impact of toxic relationships
    U kno what u did
  20. Hosting
    Drinks, A brunch. A weekend guest. I find fulfillment making people feel welcome and at home in my space (for relatively short periods)
  21. Being comfortable with sadness
    Sometimes you just need to float around in your sadness for a day or two and that's fine. That's part of being human and healthy, I think. Things aren't always perfect.