Inspired by @jesse_freakin_rogers + so many more
  1. The Manson murders
  2. Bespoke stationery
  3. Rollercoaster Tycoon
  4. The coaching style of Phil Jackson
  5. The Ronna & Beverly podcast
  6. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
  7. How vibrant my eyes look in this light
  8. The Hotel Bel-Air redesign
  9. Your favorite rescue dog instagram accounts
  10. Mary Gaitskill
  11. How DC and LA are both company towns
  12. Orchids
  13. Jenni Kayne's blog
  14. Morticia Addams
  15. Your favorite Bob's Burgers character and why
  16. Rue McClanahan's memoir
  17. All That
  18. Which character in Troop Beverly Hills you would be
  19. Britney Spears in 2007
  20. The Read podcast specifically the Smell & Taste episode
  21. Jeffrey and Ina Garten's aspirational marriage
  22. Leo Dicaprio on Growing Pains
  23. Your favorite personal essays written by women
  24. How I thought Tom Ford was my neighbor for 5 years because he bought a Richard Neutra house in Bel-Air but it was a different Richard Neutra house and somehow you read this news too and thought the same thing and just assumed by my style that Tom Ford must ask me to borrow sugar
  25. Deer Valley
  26. A selection of deep-cut 30 Rock quotes
  27. What prescription medication you're on