Leila at Eva Scrivo is so so great but she isn't a wizard/doesn't know transfiguration spells
  1. "Transform me"
  2. *shows photo of Rachel Weisz*
  3. "I'd like my eyes to look greener"
  4. "Have you seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? I just want the essence of her hotness but with long hair"
  5. *shows photo of Jennifer Connelly*
  6. "Let's try to make my gap teeth less prominent"
  7. "Remember in 2010 when we went really dark?"
  8. "Kate Middleton but more gothic"
  9. "Blair Waldorf seasons 1, 5, or 6"
  10. *shows photo of Nigella Lawson*
  11. *shows photo of Nigella Lawson's chocolate guinness cake*