After 20 months, yesterday was my last day working for the US Senate. Now I'll be confined to my apartment and coffee shops around DC attempting to write and freelance. Won't be quite as glamorous a setting.
  1. The place
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    It's pretty dreamy. I was lucky enough to work on the first floor of the actual Capitol building. It was very satisfying to end up in a place I fell in love with when I was a 19, hustling as a Hill intern with stars in my eyes. I took this picture on election night last year when we lost the Senate.
  2. The people
    I worked with some truly great people and formed lasting friendships. In a company town, which attracts a personality type I don't mesh well with, I found a group of endlessly charming weirdos who care about Real Housewives and have my exact same sense of humor (ex: @JasonBotelho)
  3. The senators
    They're so goddamn weird. I'll miss the small interactions. I'll miss: the senator who played me and a group of friends a Neil Young song on his iPhone, the senator who I always saw buying 2% milk with his lunch at the cafeteria (proof this place is WHITE as hell), the senator whose small child opened our office door demanding candy that one time.
  4. Sontia & Miss Rose
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    Sontia works in the coffee/candy shop next to my office and Miss Rose (pictured) works in the cafeteria in the basement of the Capitol. They are warm, kind, wise women. Sontia addresses me as her "vanilla sister," a moniker I wear proudly. I will miss these women and the other people who make this place function.
  5. The restoration artists
    The painters who walk around the Capitol in white coats, because they make the rest of us staff and senators look like patients in a mental asylum, and they are the doctors observing us
  6. All this aside. I'm thrilled as all get-out to get. out. Can you tell?
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