I've seen lots of senators purchase 2% milk to drink with their lunch fyi
  1. β€’
    Dirksen Cafeteria
    The main cafeteria. I call it the "glee" cafeteria which I think is kinda fun. I say that cause it's kinda topical and cause it feels like what a normal high school cafeteria would feel like. Lots of different stations. Hit or miss salad bar. "Global cuisine" section that changes everyday. Good roast chicken or chicken tenders. Don't get the pizza.
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    Good sandwiches sometimes. Weird buffet like that Seinfeld ep about the restaurant that serves every cuisine. Canned peaches next to bolognese and stuff like that. Located in the Russell Senate office building
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    Southside Buffet
    Buffet in Dirksen. More $$. I think reservations are recommended. All you can eat
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    Little snack shop in the actual Capitol building. Small pastry selection in the morning. Cappuccino machine. Decent chip selection. Fantastic cashier named Sontia who will brighten your day
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    Dirksen Coffee Shop
    They have paninis. Gelatos in very foodie flavors like "olive oil." Kinda try-hard
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    Senate Carryout
    Small takeout place in basement of Capitol. Limited seating. Ok sandwiches. Sometimes they have good specials. They shine at breakfast, with pancakes and breakfast sammies
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    American Grill
    Takeout place across from Inside Scoop in Dirksen Senate office building with lots of chairs and tables in between. I think I've heard people say this is the best place to get a burger. Good fries.
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    Inside Scoop
    Frozen yogurt and popcorn. Cool, pun-y name