I've watched the entire series in about a week.
  1. I don't care for boys clubs
    This show is almost all boy!
  2. No love interests/couples to pull for
    I need to root
  3. I don't get computers!
    I'm such a girl
  4. Annoying main character
    Less annoying in season 2 but usually a fidgety, clenched-jaw presence. Acted so well by Thomas Middleditch
  5. I guess the point is that all the above is irrelevant since I've fallen for this show so hard. It's charming, sly, silly & weirdly heartfelt. I've laughed out loud (at Zach Woods' line deliveries, Dinesh & Gilfoyle's hate/flirt banter, Erlich's rants about saving the slim spoons for the Fage yogurt) more than during any other show in recent memory
  6. I guess the point is I think everyone should watch this show unless everyone already is and I'm very late to the party?