1. Learning to work at an early age gives kids a sense of independence and importance.
    It is not child abuse to expect children to do chores. It makes adulthood less shocking.
  2. Geese are mean.
  3. Summer days at the river (or lake or pond or "crick") are the best.
  4. There's nothing quite as satisfying as feeding your family with something you grew or raised.
  5. The weather means everything. It can make you or break you.
  6. Your soul can be tied to the land.
  7. Grandpa was right.
    In other words, listen to your elders. They have lived through a lot.
  8. Don't mess with the rooster.
  9. Dust kills crops.
    For real, dust carries all sorts of fungus and vermin that can destroy your crops.
  10. Catching something isn't always the point of going fishing.
  11. Don't bother the men folk when they're working.
    Grandma always told me that.
  12. Country folk are less likely to be offended by old fashioned gender roles. But they also often blur those lines with women doing "men's work" and vice versus.
  13. Boiling hot water gets out cherry juice stains.
    I was raised on a cherry farm, I promise it works! Pour the boiling water over fresh stains until they are gone.
  14. Good fences make good neighbors.
    It's not about keeping each out. It's about respecting each other.