This is almost like ranking your children.
  1. Aligot
    Basically mashed, but with so much cheese that it sort of takes on the consistency of the insides of a mozzarella stick.
  2. Hash browns
    Seriously do not even think of putting red peppers in these. [EDIT: Oops I was thinking of home fries here, which I still claim hash browns are superior to.]
  3. Gratin
  4. Mashed
  5. Rosti
  6. Tots
  7. Hasselback
  8. Smashed
  9. Gnocchi
  10. Baked
  11. French fries
    Sub list: curly, then waffle, then shoestring, then steak
  12. Roasted
    Outside must be crispy, inside must be creamy.