I don't know how I'm employed either, sometimes.
  1. Read the Skimm
    Best way to know what's going on in the Universe IMO
  2. Read my horoscope
    Daily, weekly, then monthly, and every other day I'll re-check my yearly.
  3. Read my enemy's horoscope
    Just to keep tabs.
  4. Check cracked.com
    They have lists too. Lists are great. Lists lists lists.
  5. Check all social media
    I don't know what I'm checking or what I'm looking for but I need to check and I need to look. For at least 30 minutes.
  6. Gchat with BFF
    Because she needs to know how my stomach is feeling and I need to know what color she painted her guest bathroom.
  7. Stare at object on desk
    Just to process all that I virtually went through and rest my eyes from computer screen and figure out lunch.