My PTA experience... Currently growing out my hair now
  1. Have really short hair. Or at least above the shoulders.
  2. Don't do your hair. Let it air dry naturally or curl the hell out of it in Perfect ringlets that twist away from the face
  3. Always wear high wasted jeans that really show off the kangaroo pouch
  4. Make sure your SUV has leather seats. All the cool moms drive in leather
  5. Be the first to ask questions at the PTA meeting. If you can't think of one just ask "who's making the cookies?"
  6. Be on the PTA
  7. Make sure you print out information cards with your phone number and email but label it child's name.
  8. Always say, good job buddy, even when your kids sucks at sports
  9. Perfect chocolate chip cookies
  10. Carry a huge Coach bag
  11. Flats. Flats are always a good choice
  12. Your kids will love you if you are the mom with the cool snacks so have a Costco card.