That one book written about that one time....
  1. Baby consignment store cashier
    Working in an underground consignment baby store in my small town. There I contemplated my young teen life and often talked to myself about who I would grow up to be. I thought for sure I'd become a nomad.
  2. Part host
    Inflatables party attended. Kept me from having sex ever in high school in fear of producing the tiny monsters that haunted my dreams. ....... No child you are 100 pounds and I can't not carry you through the the maze one more time.
  3. Grocery Store Bagger
    No ma'am I am a Catholic Mexican, I've never celebrated your Jewish religion, I do however need you to explain to me what matzo is because I am 18 and clearly am not accustomed to your culture. .... Yea when I was 18 working in a fancy grocery store this happened. Obviously since leaving my small town I have become aware of the world around me but word of advice, don't get your panties in a bunch when someone doesn't know what your culture eats.
  4. Grocery Store Barista
    I'm sure you're really important at your job, doesn't change that you came in late behind 10 other drinks.
  5. Waitress
    When I'm old I will be a red hat lady.
  6. Starbucks
    Free drinks. Enough said.
  7. Indie store bakery barista
    When the dirty old men make you feel like a million bucks. If only they were 30 years younger.
  8. Gym Baby Sitter
    Never having kids ever.... Oh wait those ARE my kids... Carry on.
  9. Make Up Consultant
    The next best thing to mom jeans is mom at home business. Every woman should work in home sales once in their lifetime. Make a dream board of the life you'll never have and hope you're lucky enough to drive a pink car.
  10. Fitness coach
    At home work outs and obnoxious social media post. Look at me I'm sweating pics really make it believable that I know anything about fitness.