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My older sisters @debba_turner + @michalturner have some "interesting" nicknames for me.
  1. Essie
    They call me this because my 💍 size is an S and a half, which means I have big fingers and they love making fun of me for it.
  2. Cari Styles
    I may have a *slight* obsession with Harry Styles.
  3. "No Meats. No Treats."
    This is because I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat junk food.
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Guys, I saw this fo' realz.
  1. Just saw a lady at the laundromat in a swimsuit and see-through rain coat. She must have run out of literally ALL her clean clothes.
  2. I
  3. AM
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  1. My dad trying to insult my sister: "You're half a hipster."
  2. Mom said "Boggity Boggins" instead of Bilbo Baggins. She clearly doesn't care for Lord of the Rings.
  3. "You can do 'dope' granny" - me giving my gran advice on what words to make in Bananagrams.
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I've always run from the word "depressed", tried to disassociate myself from it my whole life because I've seen how debilitating it can be, especially in life of my mother.
  1. Here's the thing: I am depressed.
  2. I've probably struggled with it longer than I recognised in the past under the banners of other things.
    Like exhaustion, chronic fatigue, introversion.
  3. But lately, I'm starting to see it for what it is because putting a name to something often removes its power.
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We had a real life Chicken Little, "The sky is falling" moment today at my colleague's farewell.
  1. Today we went for drinks for my colleague's farewell at a fancy hotel.
    Because she is fancy like that.
  2. We should've known not to go to that hotel though...
    Even though it's a 4 star hotel.
  3. Because last time I went there I got food poisoning from the bacon...
    The BACON guys!
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Inspired by @HisDudeness's similar conversation with his co-worker. Read it here: https://li.st/l/1Obiu5Eh6xZkBpfDK1nmw8
  1. I work at a design company + today we received a job application for a design position.
  2. We're based in South Africa.
  3. Unfortunately, the applicant lives in Singapore.
    The job post is online + we sometimes receive international applicants.
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I went to get my hair cut this morning + overheard this conversation.
  1. Let's start at the beginning. Here are the reasons I know he is a hipster: he was wearing a black polo neck top, he had a triangle outline tattoo under his ear + he had a beard like Abraham Lincoln.
    Also, who else asks for a mullet ironically?
  2. Hairstylist: So what do you want to get today?
  3. Hipster: A mullet.
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I really love the selfie folder on iPhones.
  1. This mirror selfie my mom took in the fitting room using the front camera on her iPhone.
    It's just so good.
A few words about today.
  1. Red lips. Striped top.
  2. Ballet flats. Mom jeans.
  3. Poetry textbook. MacBook Air.
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A collection of the best + most relatable quotes from Frances Ha (accompanied by my favourite gifs).
  1. "I'm so embarrassed. I'm not a real person yet."
  2. "I'm not messy, I'm busy."
  3. "I like things that look like mistakes."
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