Just a typical interaction between a dad and his daughters, right?
  1. So on the way to work this morning....
    With my sisters @debba_turner and @michalturner.
  2. I get a phone call.
    Nothing strange about that.
  3. It's my dad.
    He's calling from my parents' place halfway across the city.
  4. Dad: Why are you at De Waal Park?
    It's this park near our flat.
  5. Me: We aren't. We just drove past it. Are you tracking us dad?
    He has this habit of testing out Find My iPhone so when we really need it, he knows it works.
  6. Dad: I'm just using the Find My Friends app. Is Michal with you?
  7. Me: Um, yes.
  8. Dad: That's right. I can see that.
    Creepy level 100.
  9. Me: You're being creepy.
    He's being creepy, but it sort of makes me feel safe that he knows where we are.
  10. Dad: Tell Debbie to accept my request. I want to be able to see all my girls, all the time.
    Stalker-ish but I know that he'll always be the first one there when any of us need help.
  11. Dad: Love you girls.
    He's the best, really.
  12. Me: We love you dad.
    Got to love a dad who tracks his daughters.
  13. My dad is basically Liam Neeson in Taken.