Inspired by @HisDudeness's similar conversation with his co-worker. Read it here: An Actual Conversation I Just Had With A Co-worker
  1. I work at a design company + today we received a job application for a design position.
  2. We're based in South Africa.
  3. Unfortunately, the applicant lives in Singapore.
    The job post is online + we sometimes receive international applicants.
  4. While reading his résumé I mentioned out loud that he was from Singapore.
    I often mention random tidbits of info while reading through the millions of applications we get.
  5. My colleague then said, "Oh that wouldn't work. Singapore is in China."
    Wait, what? Maybe I misheard.
  6. I say, "Well, Singapore is in Asia."
    I thought she said China accidentally.
  7. And I asked my colleague to repeat herself, "Ya, Singapore is the capital of China."
    No. Nooooo. NO.
  8. That's when my boss piped in, "Um, no. Singapore is the capital of Thailand."
    Wrong. Who do I work with even?
  9. I couldn't take it any longer, "Guys, Singapore is its own country."
    Doesn't everyone know this?
  10. "No, my friend told me that Singapore is better than mainland China. Singapore is just an island off of China. It's the capital."
    Um, you're probably thinking of Hong Kong (still not the capital).
  11. Finally, I say it loud + clear, "Nope, Singapore is 100% it's own country."
  12. My boss then say, "Oh right. Singapore is NEXT to Thailand."
    Not quite but close enough.
  13. My colleague then looked at a map before she would believe me. She finally conceded + said, "Singapore looks even closer to South Africa than China."
    Nope. But, well, you win some + you lose some.