"Have you tried turning it on and off again?"
  1. When Jen discovers Richmond.
    And he gets a fright too.
  2. When Moss doesn't get the idea of secret signals.
    Just, shut up...
  3. When Moss discovers the perfect amount of eyes someone should have.
  4. When Richmond makes a soliloquy.
    And everyone leaves half way through it.
  5. When Moss needs to cry.
    And he makes this concoction.
  6. When Reynholm arrives at the funeral.
  7. When Moss deals with the bully problem...
    With a gun.
  8. When the guys show Jen the Internet.
    So she can use it for show-and-tell in a presentation.
  9. When Moss goes to prison.
    And he swears in the most Moss-like way.
  10. When everyone tries to see what Richmond is looking at.
    And fail at it.
  11. When Roy is honest about his emotions.
    I feel you, Roy.
  12. When Moss shouts this insult.
    Moss is the best.
  13. When everybody discovers social media.
    And ignore each other.
  14. When Moss tells Jen what he is eating for breakfast.
    "Smarties cereal."
  15. When Moss corrects Roy.
  16. When Moss sets the office alight.
    And takes awhile to remember the word 'fire'.
  17. When Richmond loses his contact lens.
    But then he finds it.
  18. When Moss accidentally becomes a barman.
    And breaks every glass.
  19. When Moss explains why he doesn't like court.
    Completely understandable, really.
  20. When Reynholm is completely honest in his break up speech.
  21. When everything Moss believes is questioned.
    And he loves it.
  22. When Richmond see the light.
    And responds in a vampire-ish way.
  23. When Moss asks what we're all thinking.
  24. When the boys are invited to dinner at Jen's.
    And they can't act casual to save their lives.
  25. Basically, everything in The IT Crowd is hysterical.