Musings about being an introvert.
  1. My favourite hobby would be cancelling plans if it were socially acceptable.
    It's not so the next best thing is when people cancel plans and I don't have to go somewhere anymore.
  2. I sometimes have a better relationships with book characters than actual real-life people.
    This is self-explanatory
  3. Tea and a book are mostly my favourite things on a Friday night.
    I mean having to work for a WHOLE week is draininggggg.
  4. I sometimes pray that I don't win competitions/prizes that require me to go up on stage.
    It's so awkward. I'd rather someone else won.
  5. I think my puppy is better company than some people.
    He's cute and he already loves me. No need to try to impress him.
  6. This is my puppy, so yeah.
    Hi Max!
  7. Podcasts are my best friends.
    You don't have to be an introvert for this to be true though.
  8. Big crowds of people I sort of know are worse than big crowds of people I don't know.
    Because if I kind of know you than I at least have to try and make small talk.
  9. Small talk is the WORST!
    Let's rather talk about interesting facts and books instead. We can all see what the weather is like.
  10. I can relate to Holden Caulfield.
    And I don't know if that's a good thing.
  11. Putting on headphones in our open plan office is the only way I can get through some days.
    Because colleagues can be streeeeeetching.
  12. Napping should be a sport.
    Because I'd win all the prizes.
  13. Introverts unite.
    Over the internet because that's what introverts do, right?
  14. Oh, and I'm an ISFJ by the way.
    Myers Briggs, yo.
  15. Local