A photo essay of my Saturday // featuring @debba_turner, @ulandamackay + @michalturner.
  1. Started the day with a Jason blondie + flat white.
    Best way to start a Saturday.
  2. My chair-drobe, featuring 5 million striped tops.
    Can never have too many stripes.
  3. A print for my mama's birthday tomorrow.
    Still needs to be wrapped. Eek.
  4. Saturday stripes.
    Scrounged through my clothes to find this outfit.
  5. Watched the last bit of the new Steve Jobs movie at @ulandamackay's flat.
    Best place! @DawnCloud, wish you were there with us.
  6. Beautiful morning light.
    And a very good Delicious Monster.
  7. Landi making tea/coffee for us.
  8. Chats with Debba + Landi.
    Featuring the MacKay record collection in the background.
  9. The dome of the planetarium.
    Deb + I rushed to make the 1pm show.
  10. We saw the 'Sky Tonight' show + got this rad star chart.
    And learned all about constellations from this very sweet old lecturer.
  11. The Minolta star projector.
    Deb and I now want to go to the Sutherland observatory.
  12. We went to the museum after the show.
    And saw this very big whale skeleton.
  13. Obligatory Jaws/tourist shot.
    No explanation needed.
  14. We also saw this dinosaur skeleton replica.
    Which I wish was real.
  15. Caught Deb 'gramming.
    Because the museum has very nice floors.
  16. Later we went to pick up The Goldfinch for my mama.
    Book stores are my absolute favourite.
  17. Tea with Mareli.
    In our little flat.
  18. Our lounge.
    @michalturner hasn't been well so she's been home on the couch the whole Saturday.
  19. Bought this book of essays by Orwell.
    He writes such great essays.
  20. Tea + my book.
    Featuring my entire bookshelf, a globe + Adri's bicycle.
  21. Evening view of Table Mountain.
    Taken from our dining room window.
  22. Watching Luther with my sisters.
    Idris Alba is such a good actor.
  23. Deb cooking pulled pork quesadillas.
    While Michal tries out her Mexican accent.