And he is pretty much my favourite. 🐶
  1. Meet Maximilian Turner.
    This is him on the first day as part of our family.
  2. He likes food.
    As well as walks, toys and sneaking off to find new and exciting things to steal.
  3. He's a great snuggle bug.
    But now that he is a little bigger, he sometimes kicks me off the couch.
  4. Max likes mornings.
    If you leave your bed to shower, Max will steal your spot.
  5. He REALLY likes car rides.
    Especially if the window is open so he can feel the wind in his hair.
  6. He falls asleep anywhere.
    He plays hard but he sleeps harder.
  7. You can see that here.
  8. Here.
  9. And here too.
    "Stop taking pictures. I need my beauty sleep." - Max
  10. He has the cutest "just woken up" face after his puppy naps.
    I mean LOOK!
  11. Max comes to visit me at work.
    Luckily our office is dog friendly.
  12. He is besties with Bella.
    Bella didn't know what to think of Max when he first arrived but now he is her little shadow.
  13. Max likes his ears up.
    We are always saying: "Max, put your ears down."
  14. Max is basically the best.