I've been going to the same dentist- a husband and wife team- since I was 2 years old. I have prized teeth because of them. since they are like my second parents, they always have some things to say to me.
  1. floss twice a day... for 45 seconds each
    if I haven't been flossing at all, I'm confused why you think I'm going to all of a sudden start doing it twice a day.
  2. don't just say "ok", really listen to me
    I am really listening, but I can't say anything other than "ok" because your hands are in my mouth
  3. don't just give it a "quick brush"
    "do you do a quick put your pants on? or a quick shower? no! you do those things all the way, not just quickly." I wasn't about to tell her that 90% of my showers are considered "quick showers".
  4. you're an adult now
    that's what they tell me
  5. your teeth are like beach balls
    is that a compliment? because it seems like you're calling my teeth fat. and they don't like that.
  6. get these cavities filed when you get around to it
    I will never get around to it. sorry.