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I have no filter. It's a problem. (Will add to this list once I remember all the things I tried to forget)
  1. "Im always a bottom"
    They asked if I wanted the top or bottom bunk 🙄
The further down you scroll, the more you'll loose respect for me
  1. Community
  2. Golden Girls
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    I love to put on the "sexy getting ready song" before going out
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Ranked. Obviously Spoilers ahead.
  1. 12.
    Cedric Diggory
  2. 11.
    James and Lily Potter
    We don't have time to "bond" with them and without their death there wouldn't be 7 books to begin with.
  3. 10.
    Seeing Hagrid so heartbroken was not fun
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Shops I always seem to forget about when shopping for presents but I have actually bought from before and loved it. Most of them are American or Canadian, but I hope to add more European or even local Austrian shops over time. I might do a separate list for etsy stores, sometime.
  1. Upwined- scented candles
  2. Feminist Apparel-apparel obvs
  3. Gardens of the Sun- jewelry
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If i could, I'd be a spoiled brat. And I plan on being able to spoil myself in the future. So to future spoiled me, here is what you should get me in my advent calendar.
  1. Pretty wrapping paper and ribbon
    So I can get the wrapping done early
  2. Silkscarf
  3. Mason jars with cocoa mix and tiny bottles of booze
    In case I need to spend Christmas in a hotel again or just feel like drinking
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Car, bedroom or public bathroom. You do you, my friend, you do you.
  1. You can't hurry love-The Surpremes
    All the Surpremes songs work for that purpose
  2. All by myself- Celine Dion
    Or Eric Carmen if you want to get technical about it
  3. All out of love- Air supply
    Why do heartbreak songs work so well for singing alone?
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Marie Kondo saved or ruined my life. Not sure yet.
  1. 29 square meters (or around 312sqft)
    My apartment
  2. 8 trash bags of clothes and shoes
  3. 2 trash bags of clothes and shoes
    Thrown away
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Or at least this insomniac.
  1. Birds
    Why do they start chirping at 4 am?
  2. "Have you tried meditating"
  3. Birds
    A constant reminder that basically the night is gone already
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Season 2 starts in October fyi
  1. Songssss
    Please YouTube "the sexy getting ready song" your welcome
  2. The love story between Darryl and Josh
    "Shut up, he looks like Tom Selleck"
  3. They address gender, race and mental health in a casual "it's part of life" kind of way
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