Cause today words are failing me, but I'm feeling all the feelings. @annakatharenina
  1. I love many people, but she is the best person in the whole wide world
  2. Sorry in advance for everything I'll do, when we live together
  3. Drinking with her is the best
  4. Just a friendly reminder for her
  5. Thank you snapchat, list, whatsapp and skype
  6. No, I'm not idolizing her. She really is the best
  7. Every time we see each other
    Long distance friendships suck
  8. She makes the best grilled cheese
  9. She'd bail me out of jail and I'd go to jail for her
  10. I can take her tough love
  11. I am an enabler
    Game of thrones, snapchat, Twitter, list...
  12. She inspires me
  13. 2017 will be our year
  14. She always knows
  15. We hate the same things/people
  16. She gets my rants
  17. Seriously
  18. I don't know, when this turned into a creepy marriage proposal but here we are.