Marie Kondo saved or ruined my life. Not sure yet.
  1. 29 square meters (or around 312sqft)
    My apartment
  2. 8 trash bags of clothes and shoes
  3. 2 trash bags of clothes and shoes
    Thrown away
  4. 2 trash bags of "what even is this thing"
    Thrown away
  5. 2 of those big blue Ikea bags of Notes, scripts and binders
    Thrown away
  6. 54 books, CDs and DVDs
  7. 32 Books, CDs and DVDs
  8. 3 pairs of Pants left
    Not enough. I might have gone overboard
  9. 7 Months
    I dragged this out, Marie Kondo says you can basically do this on one weekend- I guess she is technically right, but after doing the closet, I apparently needed a 6 month break
  10. 10000 Times I cried
    Because I had this huge pile of stuff in the middle of my room and no energy to go through it
  11. 10 Empty Boxes
    Currently sitting in my apartment because I feel like I can't give them away yet