1. Black Panther Tamer
    I think, I said I wanted to BE a black panther and my mum explained to me, I can't be an animal, but I can work with them and then suggested I train black panthers for the circus. Since then, we both have learned that holding animals captive for our amusement is a terrible idea. I was 4.
  2. Children's book writer
    I said, that almost no adults get children and I swore, I'd be different. I even made very elaborate entries in my journal in order to refer to them as an adult. I was around 7.
  3. Dog owner
    The concept of earning money was lost on me, at the age of 9.
  4. Witch
    I spent hours behind our house mixing "potions" and talking to a tree I believed to be Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas. I was 10 I think.
  5. Florist
    I wanted to be surrounded by flowers and spend my day arranging them. Early teenage years, before I stopped dreaming.
  6. Not a slave to the corporate world in any way
    Had no idea how to do that, so I took summer jobs in catering and as an usher... So yeah, that worked out great