Fort Worth what to do

  1. Pacific Table
  2. Melt Ice cream
  3. Thompson hidden bar
    Downtown located in the basement of a library, BUT you need to find the password of the night to get in
  4. Craftwork Coffee
  5. Woodshed on the weekend
  6. Hg Supply Co
  7. Tokyo Cafe
  8. Spice
  9. Righteous Foods
  10. TCU hike around campus
  11. Smart Barre
  12. City Surf
  13. Montgomery plaza
    Go to Starbucks or eat at velvet taco across the street(the restaurants in Montgomery aren't the best)
  14. Taco heads , BEST TACOS EVER 😍😍 also perfect view 🌮
  15. University shopping center
  16. Stockyards
    ONLY do this if cowboys and country life is your thing, if not, avoid this tourist trap. I live in Fort Worth and I don't think I've been to the stockyards in 3 years
  17. Modern art museum
  18. Sundance square