1. Last year was great
  2. Not a single regret
  3. Everything was normal.
  4. And fine.
  5. And I was happy all of the time
  6. Not a single "I'm in a funk" moment.
  7. And even if you think "Ben that's impossible. Everyone does things they regret. People get sad all the time."
  8. Well not me, pal.
  9. Every single moment and decision I made was perfect and led to growth.
  10. And here I am. Ready for twenty sixteen.
  11. Not scared at all
  12. About the future
  13. Or being a good person
  14. Because I'm already the best I can be.
  15. Is there even room for growth?
  16. Cuz I don't think so.
  17. Tell me if I'm wrong.
  18. Give me a call 907.738.1646
  19. Or shoot me a text
  20. Maybe we can grab coffee.
  21. And after that (if we hit it off as friends) I'll show you my favorite movie and we'll come to really respect each other and want to hang out more.
  22. Because I've been feeling very alone lately
  23. And isolated.
  24. I dunno.
  25. I'm excited for 2016 I guess.