1. Are you planning on having kids?
  2. Like now or down the road?
  3. Either
  4. Umm. Not really. I mean maybe like... No. I don't think so.
  5. How come?
  6. My parents had a kid once and it didn't really work out for them.
  7. In what way?
  8. Like they didn't really love it... The baby I mean.
  9. Oh fuck you, man. Is this another stupid joke about your parents not loving you? Because I've met Kathy and Joe and they're wonderful people-
  10. No I'm serious.
  11. What??
  12. I almost had a little brother, but my parents just like... Didn't really like him too much.
  13. That's not how parenting works.
  14. See, that's what I thought too! But it turns out...it's just not true. they weren't like ... Huge fans of him. So they gave him to some friends of theirs.
  15. Jesus Christ.
  16. Yeah. Anyway. Did you see that porn clip I sent you?