1. This is a mirror I found before my uber arrived.
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  2. Again, I am not on a bus
  3. I am on a train
  4. I ran into people I knew.
  5. And they asked me to sit with them
  6. But I knew they were just saying that to be nice
  7. I would've said that to be nice.
  8. I would've rather sit next to the old man I was sitting with before they saw me
  9. He seemed nice
  10. His name was Colin
  11. He smelled like protein powder
  12. Which was confusing.
  13. I ended up sitting near the person I knew, because the train was full and we had to settle.
  14. We ended up not talking the whole ride
  15. We didn't know each other very well.
  16. Turns out, I have mutual friends in California with this guy, though.
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  17. I have time on this train to figure out how to be a better person, so I'll probably listen to a podcast and pretend to care about the news.