1. Fisrt @marykatecarr texted me with a simple "Hey pal you doin ok"
  2. And I was wondering why she was asking me that. And I thought it was sweet of her.
  3. Then I realized she was talking about my last list.
  4. Then @livingunderarock texted me with a screenshot of the list with the words "what's going on pal"
  5. Then she thought the list seemed like a legitimate cry for help.
  6. Which would be dumb
  7. And I got scared that people may think I'm actually sad, so I asked Liv if I should delete it
  8. Then she told that would seem a lot more sketchy
  9. And that people would think I probably killed myself.
  10. And I was like "people would know if I was going to kill myself"
  11. "Because I'd be live listing the whole thing."