Inspired by @JoeyLyons and @zappullaj. My New Years resolution is actually to start making a comprehensive list of all the media I consume and the date
  1. F is for Family
    Funny. Heartwarming. Bill Burr screaming at his family in cartoon form.
  2. Amy
    Cried like a bitch
  3. This is 40
  4. Both seasons of Bojack Horseman (again)
    Maybe one of the best shows currently on
  5. Rick and Morty season 2
  6. The King of Comedy
    Up there with Raging Bull as far as DeNiro's performance.
  7. Seven Psychopaths
  8. Clay Pigeons
  9. Saved!
    They don't make movies like they used to in the late 90s early 2000s. Really cheesy and predictable, but still clever and fun to watch.
  10. The H8ful Eight
    Loved Sam Jackson's dick sucking monologue. But my favorite part was the overture/opening credits. I love Tarantino being as self indulgent as possible.
  11. The Revenant
    Really special movie. Nobody makes movies like this nowadays.