1. As I was moving out of my dorm room
  2. There were only three things that I had absolutely no idea what to do with.
  3. 3 AA batteries from 7/11
  4. Loose change. (Canadian and American currency)
  5. And a space themed bucket hat (which for one night I tried as my "new look" unsuccessfully).
  6. I put the batteries and the loose change into the bucket hat
  7. You know
  8. To consolidate.
  9. So after everything was moved out
  10. And my room was empty
  11. I just had this dumb bag of loose change and used batteries
  12. So I put it in my shower
  13. Because I thought whoever checks my room after I leave will be more confused and excited about it being in the shower than just being on the desk in my room.
  14. Hopefully they won't charge me
  15. I got in my uber to go to the train station
  16. And the uber driver
  17. Out of the blue
  18. Said "I drove a Mongolian guy yesterday."
  19. And I said "yeah me too."
  20. I was texting a friend
  21. So I wasn't paying attention and said "me too" for no reason. So I tried fixing it by saying "I'm just kidding."
  22. Now I'm on the commuter rail
  23. In the areas where all the pregnant ladies go.
  24. I don't think that's a real area of a train but there are four pregnant women sitting next to me
  25. So
  26. Who's to say.