1. I'm a big fan of books of short stories.
  2. I had just been on a Simon Rich binge
  3. When I found out about One More Thing
  4. And I was like "damn that's really exciting."
  5. So I read it
  6. And it's great.
  7. On my top five books of all time
  8. But I'm only 19
  9. So in the grand scheme of things I haven't read that many books.
  10. I'm in LA
  11. Living there for a few months on my year off.
  12. I find out about a One More Thing reading/signing at Barnes and Noble at The Grove.
  13. My friend had also read it. I invite her and some other friends.
  14. We make an event out of it. We get dinner beforehand and go see a movie after.
  15. The reading is great.
  16. Although they made me buy another copy of the book.
  17. And I was like "why?"
  18. And the guy behind the counter was like "honestly I don't know."
  19. And I was like "fair."
  20. Anyway the reading was fantastic.
  21. We all have a really nice time.
  22. Cut to: waiting in line to get my book signed.
  23. I'm excited to tell this guy that he's a big inspiration.
  24. I kinda plan out what I'm gonna say.
  25. Just in case I embarrass myself
  26. I'm from Alaska so I never find myself in situations where I'm meeting an artist I admire.
  27. So I was planning on saying something like "hey thanks so much for doing this. Keep writing, because I love your stuff."
  28. And that's it.
  29. I get to the table.
  30. Shake his hand.
  31. And ask him "hey do you like Woody Allen?"
  32. And he goes "yeah I do."
  33. And I say "cool."
  34. And then this
  35. I was so confused about why I had asked him if he liked Woody Allen that I tried walking down the up escalator.
  36. So @bjnovak all I have to say is
  37. "Thanks for being one of my favorite authors. Your stuff is important."