They're all terrible gems. I could only get through 5, but there are many more to see.
  1. 5. Christmas Bounty
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    She was so good in Secret Life of the American Teenager, they couldn't resist casting her in an original movie too.
  2. 4. Christmas Cupid
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    One of many featuring a "workaholic" who learns the error of her ways and falls in love just in time to kiss under the mistletoe.
  3. 3. Holidaze
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    A take on The Family Man starring Nicholas Cage, but with a female lead and worse script.
  4. 2. The Mistle-tones
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    Rivalry singing groups, love between coworkers, karaoke, and all happening to middle-aged characters.
  5. 1. Holiday in Handcuffs
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    All of the family members have their skeletons. And Jake's is in the closet. Doesn't get much better than falling in love with the woman who kidnapped you and took you to meet her crazy family.