You know the ones... They're the ones people make fun of, but secretly love singing along to. Well, here are some of mine. I had 30 songs listed at first. 30, y'all. Just let that sink in. 😳 So, here we go.
  1. #1. True- Spandau Ballet
    This. This is THE one. This is one of those "car karaoke" songs for me. No road trip is complete without it, in my eyes. I will shamelessly belt out every single word to the top of my lungs all while sitting in traffic or driving down the interstate. Complete with water bottle microphone and sad dance moves.
  2. #2. What's Up?- 4 Non Blondes
    Because it's sung by an all female band from the 90's and I just really fucking dig it.
  3. #3. Love fool- The Cardigans
    The lyrics are awful, but for some reason I just can't hit the 'Next' button on my circa 2007 iPod when it comes on.
  4. #4. Africa- Toto
    This is a shower song. I have it in my iTunes library for this very reason. I sing this song in the shower more than I'm afraid to admit. I'll just leave it at that.
  5. #5. The Reason- Hoobastank
    Watch out windows... Here come my vocal cords. There is absolutely no shame in my game when this bad boy flashes across my, you guessed it, circa 2007 iPod and booms through the speakers of my 4Runner. Zero fucks given.
  6. #6. Shout- Tears for Fears
    This is another tune I play more than I'm willing to admit. It's one of my favorites and it NEVER gets old. Ever. I will forever love Tears for Fears. Judge all you want.
  7. #7. Ohio Is for Lovers- Hawthorne Heights
    What's not to love about a teenage screamo song? I was 14 when it came out. 2004 was a year of jet black hair, guy-liner, and Vans skate shoes. Let's not bring that back, please.
  8. #8. Need You Tonight- INXS
    My parents probably should've monitored what I listened to as a child, but they didn't. I knew every single word to this song at a very young age. Way to go, Randy and Glenda. #ParentingGoals. This is one of those songs I slide across the living room floor to when I try to clean. Emphasis on the TRY.
  9. #9. I Want To Know What Love Is-Foreigner
    Time to take a FEEL TRIP. I will always, always, ALWAYS sing this with absolutely no shame. It's just one of those jams, man.
  10. #10. Miss Me Blind- Culture Club
    I love Culture Club. There. I said it. I've loved them since I was little and I will forever love them until the day I die. Boy George is a weirdo, but he's got a great voice. It's high-pitched and soothing and the same time. It's magical, really. Even YOU can't deny that. How's that for a #TruthBomb?