I listened to Brene Brown as a guest on Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast on creativity and vulnerability today...here are some of my favorite words of wisdom.
  1. the thing that you are most afraid of has already happened.
    whatever fear is stopping you from creating or from being who you are. it's because something has ALREADY happened to make you feel afraid. someone hurt you, someone said something to you that made you feel ashamed. don't let it stop you from doing what you need to do to feed your soul.
  2. unused creativity is not benign
    when we have the urge to create, to gift the world with what it is that makes us special, and we are too afraid to do it, that unused creativity festers...it turns into resentment and it can become a disease.
  3. enough with "what would you do if you knew you could not fail"
    the question is: what's worth doing EVEN if I fail? what do I love so much that the word failure has no meaning?
  4. when did inspiration promise us that it owes us anything?
    it owes us nothing but the transcendence of the experience of working with it at all.
  5. when you feel down about the fact that you didn't accomplish what you wanted to accomplish on day 1...
    just remember, day 2 doesn't stop because of a lack of will power. it stops because of shame. and empathy is the antidote to shame. start treating yourself the same way you treat the people that you love. have a little compassion.
  6. our self worth is inside the story.
    we can walk into it and own it. or we can stand outside of it and orphan it.
  7. we share our stories with people who earn the right to hear them
    however, your healing process can't be contingent on how someone responds to your story. you have to do that work.
  8. we don't have to do creativity alone.
    we were never meant to.
  9. no one in the world is not creative.
    this particularly hit me because I feel like so many of us feel afraid to do things because we label ourselves as either "creative" or "not creative." and it isn't true. what is inside of each of us that makes us unique-- it is our job to express that to the world in our own way. that's all it is. and it's nothing to be ashamed, or afraid of. in fact, we need it desperately, and so does the world.
  10. [and along those lines] you are a born maker.
    and we need what you can bring to us because you're the ONLY one who can bring it