1. mother's flaky flix cookies and circus animal cookies
  2. Kings Hawaiian bread
  3. Yoplait
  4. Anything from a Frito Lay variety pack - EXCEPT lays (boring!)
  5. glazed Pop 'ems
  6. Entenmann's pound cake
  7. Snackwells
  8. Bagel Bites
  9. Samoas
  10. Toaster strudel
  11. Cheddar cheese melted on triscuits in the microwave
  12. Cinnamon toast crunch
  13. Reddi chick chicken basket
  14. Happy Meal - all white meat chicken nuggets
  15. Dunkaroos
  16. Sometimes I would make the vanishing oatmeal cookie recipe from the back of the Quaker container. Only when feeling ambitious.
  17. Pillsbury crescent rolls (the ones you roll up and bake yourself)
    Suggested by @katebrien