I'm actually really down to earth, I swear. But weddings will make you do crazy things. So, In the spirit of being honest...
  1. Colonics
  2. Infrared sauna sessions
  3. "Slimming" body wraps
  4. Eyelash extensions
  5. Clean cleanse
  6. Dr Lipman cleanse
  7. Pressed Juicery cleanse
  8. High frequency water
  9. Bovine stem cell face treatment
  10. Galvanic facials
  11. Pilates
  12. Dailey Method
  13. Borrowing an oxygen tank from a facialist friend to spray all over my face pre ceremony. You know, for that dewy look...
  14. A psychic medium session to connect with my mom before the big day 😬
  15. Microdermabrasion at Dr Lancer
  16. 24K collagen masks I found for $10 on Amazon that my facialist pretended were super $$$