I took a list hiatus. I think I had list block and life got hectic. it's time though & I'm ready to report on my trip to Barcelona with a 6-month-old & 4year-old. May also need to write a list just on how to do the plane rides because...it was a lot, but totally worth it! (shoutout to @smdanler for her list, almost all of which is contained here).
  1. Neighborhoods to stay
    we loved El Born and L'Eixample, which are totally different but both charming and elegant in their own ways. El Born is part of the old city and closer to the beach. A winding maze of streets with boutiques, some high end, and charming music. L'Eixample is more modern, with more well-known stores and local people doing their grocery shopping etc. we stayed here and loved that the area caters to pedestrians with lovely outdoor terraces line the center of the streets.
  2. Authentic Tapas
    these are the old school/bar/standing room tapas joints where you can pick up a few pintxos and a glass of cava and move onto the next. EL XAMPANYET, CAL PEP, QUIMET Y QUIMET, TAPAS 24 what's awesome is that kids really are welcome everywhere (which is not to say that they actually want to eat of the food, but they'll be happy to make basically a grilled cheese at most places).
  3. Modern Tapas
    there were some amazing restaurants that served traditional tapas with a modern spin. Cerveseria Catalana was always packed and seemed to be a mainstay. My favorite was a place next to Picasso Museum called Tapeo. A tiny spot where the chef/owner sits in the back and slices jamon with the dedication and precision of a man who is content to have found his calling in life.
  4. Molecular Gastronomy
    Spain is the birthplace of deconstructivist cooking, and the Adria brothers have some incredible and creative restaurants in Barcelona. I didn't hit up all of the spots, but as a foodie I could have done a trip just exploring them. I did make it to TICKETS, which was one of the best dining experiences of my life. I will do a list to follow of exactly what some of the dishes entailed. Other notables to check out: Bodega 1900, Pakta, Hoja Santa, Nino Viejo. These are NOT for kids.
  5. La Boqueria & Santa Caterina markets
    La Boqueria is the most well-known market in the city, situated on La Rambla (a huge touristy walk street). inside you'll find stalls filled with meats, fish, fresh fruit and tapas bars. Bar Pinotxo was great. Santa Caterina is another large market but this one is pristine and modern and absolutely gorgeous. Both are worth a visit. Go on an empty stomach.
  6. Gaudi
    you can't escape the mark that Modernisme, or Catalan art nouveau, had on the city of Barcelona, and Antoni Gaudi's touches of art and architecture can be found all over the city. Visit: Park Guell, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera, and of course- La Sagrada Familia.
  7. Non-Spanish / fresh and healthy food
    because for every 10 rounds of ham, manchego and fried fish, a person needs some quinoa and a green juice. we like Flax&Kale, an incredible healthy restaurant that could have been on Abbott Kinney. Attached was an awesome pressed juice place with their very own Greens 2. coincidence? They had another outpost called Teresa's Juicery in El Born.
  8. Carrer d'Enric Granados
    towards the end of our trip we discovered the perfect street for kids. no cars, and lined with cafes that could have been found in Park Slope, this couple of blocks was awesome. We loved Cosmo, which was filled with locals on their laptops and hungover brunchers and families who wanted eggs and avocado toast. They also made awesome fresh juice as well. The best part (for us)- the street eventually leads to a grassy playground.
  9. Picasso Museum
    you just have to do it. ever since my son saw Toy Story he's been talking about Picasso (anyone know what I'm referring to?)...anyway they have a great gift store with art projects for little ones. We now have an ode to Cubism in magnets all over our fridge.
  10. Other Kid Favorites
    Parc de la Ciutadella- has a zoo, Barceloneta Beach, Magic Fountain on Monjuic (giant, colored, lit up at night, you get it). Tipidabo, take the funicular all the way to the top and get the best view of the entire city. Bonus amusement park at the top with a Ferris wheel.