1. giving up control and surrendering can change your life for the better in huge ways
  2. having kids opens your heart and makes you appreciate every moment - you kind of can't ever get too sad.
  3. you don't know what unconditional love is until you have a child
  4. Loss (especially losing a parent) really sucks, but it can also open the door to the rest of your life and the person you are supposed to become...and you might not want to change anything in the end.
  5. No matter how old you get, the same fears you had as a child still probably rear their ugly heads from time to time.
  6. No one knows anything and everyone feels younger than they are. Taking risks is something we all have to do, especially in regard to work. Fake it till you make it.
  7. The above also applies to parenthood. Nothing can prepare you, so just show up and do the best you can.
  8. Comparing yourself to others only makes you feel miserable.
  9. Some friendships simply can't sustain every phase of life. People grow together and they grow apart. It's okay to take breaks from friends whose energy doesn't serve you anymore.
  10. Gratitude lists ACTUALLY help
  11. Marriage is something to be taken seriously. It's not always butterflies & roses, but it is beautiful, a living thing that needs to be taken care of and fostered in order to evolve in a healthy way. It isn't supposed to be easy, but it is gratifying to have a partnership where both people are dedicated to creating a meaningful life.
  12. Another cliche about marriage-- it takes so much compromise, which seems not so fun, but the truth is it's good for all of us to give up our own selfish needs and wants from time to time for the benefit of something greater. Somehow it feels good.
  13. All those things your mom told you about how you just have to be yourself and the rest will follow...well, they're true.
  14. Serving and giving to others actually does make you feel better.
  15. Retail therapy, in moderation, does too.