Just a few gems...there are plenty more where that came from.
  1. Fred Segal sales associate
    Making beaded necklaces and shit.
  2. PA on TV special where J.Lo performed Jenny From The Block
    Duties included preparing J.Lo's dressing room and her entourage's with everything on her rider - including many La Mer products, Jo Malone candles, multiple sets of Juicy Couture sweats, a boom box, and a stack of 20 cd's- including Sade if I remember correctly. I'm not mad at that.
  3. PA on 50 Cent/Reebok commercial
    Among other things, included bringing 50 lunch in his trailer every day. 6 grilled chicken breasts and 2 plates of white rice. Little did I know this experience would really prepare me for my future stint as an entertainment publicist.
  4. Intern in the Access Hollywood Tape Library
    Because apparently this was very cool and "industry" of me at 18. In charge of watching hours of footage of premieres and junkets and tagging which celebrities appeared at which timestamps. Basically data entry. Fun fact: in order to get the "job" I had to take a 10 page quiz naming celebrities based on their photo. Extra credit was to name all 3 members of Destiny's Child.
  5. PA on Usher Confessions Music Video
    Duties included being a stand-in for the "chick on the side," and crushing a giant bag of ice on the ground so that Mr. Raymond could cool down in the hell that is Universal City in August (apparently he only likes crushed ice. Who doesn't?)...
  6. Dentist office manager
    Yeah not sure...I just wanted something air conditioned and away from celebrities.
  7. Assistant to Holistic Health doctor/kinesiologist
    This guy would act like he could read my mind when I got to work each day. If I had been partying the night before he would tell me he was picking up some dark behavior from my energy and that he knew what I was up to...but really I think I just looked hungover.
  8. Companion at an Assisted Living Home
    This one didn't pay, but it was by far superior to all other jobs. And I made friends for life, like Jacob, a 90 year old who I taught to use the computer and AOL only to find out he was using his skills to write threatening letters to the White House. RIP.
  9. Assistant to Paul Mazursky, film director, old guy, my grandpa
    I thought this one would be easy after working at the assisted living home (I had some practice). However I was NOT prepared for this man's antics. You think you know someone...anyway, duties included three-hole-punching musical versions of his movies that he had secretly written, getting him Urth Caffe, and once again, teaching him how to use AOL so that he could write letters to some prolific producers asking them to please read said musicals. When they didn't reply, we used snail mail.