Inspired by @smdanler -- otherwise known as-- things I should probably feel embarrassed that I love so much, but guess what, I don't! Feel free to add your own!
  1. CPK
    Having kids has given me the best excuse to eat at CPK. "Oh, my son loves it." "it's perfect for kids...they have a high tolerance for messy tables and they always bring you a kid-safe cup." Okay, these things are definitely true. But what I want to say is, "I dragged my son here today because I f-ing love myself a BBQ Chicken Chopped." There's no way that salad can be good for you, but I love it anyway.
  2. Dave Matthews Band
    List is one of the least judgy communities I am a part of. So I can admit it-- I love Dave-- always have, always will. While my music snob of a father was hoping it was a phase I would grow out of after college, I've learned that you can appreciate and love classic artists and respectable, smart musicians who debut on NPR and at the same time, secretly download DMB jam sessions from 1995. what can I say, I'm a complex woman.
  3. Shopping at the mall
    Yes I enjoy boutique shopping in Venice and Silverlake. But guess what! Sometimes you need a good trip to the mall to forget your troubles. Try on a pair of jeans, drown your sorrows in a slice of pizza from the food court (only a few even exist anymore), and let some old lady at Bloomingdales convince you that you really do need that eyeshadow. You'll feel better, I swear.
  4. People Mag
    Look, it's not very good anymore-- basically a tabloid, but you know what? It makes me happy. I like to flip through the pages after my kids are asleep and before digging into something more acceptable to society, like the New Yorker or one of the books on my nightstand. But for nostalgia's sake, I buy it once in a while.
  5. Kelly Clarkson
    Ever since Since You've Been Gone, few pop artists have made me want to sing along to every song lyric, windows down smiling in my car. (Taylor Swift is one of them, but I'm not sure it can be ironic to love her anymore). Kelly has a place in my heart. And she's a damn good singer.
  6. CBS Sunday Morning
    Ok so it's a little old fashioned and the format and interview questions feel antiquated in this day and age in media...but I look forward to it every week. And few things make me as happy as the little musical interludes they play.
  7. The West Wing
    I really put this on here because I get so much heat for my WW addiction. Maybe I'm an idealist, I don't know. But the cozy feeling I get from the warm lighting, josh & donna's flirting, president bartlett's faith, CJ's humor, and the White House at Christmas is enough to make me never give up this show.
  8. Shantaram
    Everything about this book makes it slightly unacceptable to discuss in literary circles. Bestseller, inspirational, half-memoir half-fiction...not the greatest writing that ever was. But reading it was a wonderful experience, and when I went to Mumbai I found the bar that the characters hung out at and ordered a beer with a bunch of stereotypical backpackers. It was a great day.
  9. American Idol
    Yes, maybe I'm the last person left over 15 who still watches and cries. Yes, admittedly the show kind of sucks. But something about seeing people's dreams come true still gets me every time (See Kelly Clarkson). As a side note, I would give anything to have Extreme Makeover: Home Edition back on the air. Soul food!