1. My son smothering me with kisses in front of all his friends at preschool this morning
  2. Watching guilty pleasure TV alone in my sauna bed at shape house for an hour while no one bothered me.
  3. Not having my phone for an hour.
    See above
  4. Gluten free lemon poppyseed pound cake from Huckleberry.
    This is the stuff dreams are made of. Do yourself a favor and go get some tomorrow.
  5. Mint chip smoothie made with cacao and real mint!
    It's the little things in life.
  6. Hanging with my baby girl for approximately 5 hours while she napped.
    And while i made lists (duh) and read Louise Gluck and Mary Oliver.
  7. The random snacks my husband brings me when I'm locked in the nursery for half the day.
    Avocado and lime on a warm tortilla, egg in a hole...maybe some dark chocolate...
  8. That I only had to watch 10 minutes of Naked and Afraid before my husband let me change the channel.
    Seriously this is a lucky night for me. And no Locked Up either. Score.
  9. The doula I just hired who started her overnight shift 30 minutes ago.
    Which means in the morning I'll be grateful for 8 hours of sleep. Amen.