1. "can I cry how kids cry when I'm a grown up mommy?"
    yes, yes you can. and you will.
  2. "mama what are these little cracks on your forehead? these little lines. what are they? why are they there? there are so many!"
    he says this while kissing my face, so i can't even feel anything but happy.
  3. "it's great because daddy makes the rules and daddy's not here. so you're here soooo what can we do?!"
    not sure where he got his particular brand of manipulation, but i eat it up every time.
  4. "mom, i love when you sing. did you say you always sing because it makes your heart full? like when you eat a quesadilla and your tummy is full? what is going to make my heart full?"
    i can't wait to find out.
  5. "mommy! did you hear that? that little girl said starbucks! someone else knows about starbucks too! I wonder if she lives in santa monica!"
    sometimes i'm tricked into thinking he's older than he is. and then he says something like this and i remember- nope, still my baby.
  6. "mommy I can't believe I'm going to be a father when I grow up. wow. that's awesome."
    i saw his face thinking this one through in the rearview mirror. something about his satisfied smile broke me and i just cried.
  7. "mommy?" (whispers) "how do I stop thinking? I want to fall asleep but I can't stop thinking about sugar."
    what i would give for that to be the anxiety that keeps me up at night.
  8. "mommy, I don't want to go to the market with you and I want you to be okay with that."
    okay then.
  9. "it's just...I worry about everything. I always think my mommy and daddy will forget about things I want to remember and it makes me worry."
    oh how i hope he learns to trust and not worry so much. i know it is such a normal way for him to feel at this age. but it makes me so aware of the ways in which i model it for him and so i am putting it out there to really continue to work on my own tendency to worry, at least aloud in front of him, and the words i choose to use to express myself. man-- they're paying attention to everything.
  10. "soooo...why is bathwater not blue?