Things My Son Said at the Movies Yesterday

He's three and a half. We saw Inside Out. It was his first movie ever. And was an amazing experience for both of us.
  1. Excuse me sir! This is my first movie! I'm so excited!
    To the ticket guy.
  2. Wow! I never thought a screen could be so big!
  3. How do they get the movies to the screen? Are they in that cloud thing? Does the movie fly here in a cloud?
  4. Ok mom. I know the most important rule of movies- Be quiet!
    Then proceeded to talk throughout the whole thing. But I could see how hard he was trying to whisper. It was the sweetest.
  5. Mommy, do I have those guys inside my head too? I have so many feelings right?
  6. Mommy, I like disgust!
  7. Mommy, can you pass the popcorn?
    This for some reason was the cutest to me. I think because I was hearing it for the first of many movie adventures that he'll have over the course of his lifetime.
  8. Hey, mom! [Pointing at whole theatre]. Do all these people have those guys inside their heads too?
  9. Mommy, I think they're in space. Will you take me to space in that rocket ship? I'm dying to go to space.
  10. Oh man. The subconscious looks scary!
    Definitely didn't pronounce this correctly.
  11. Mommy, thank you so much. This is the best day ever.