Tickets Barcelona

a few dishes from one of the best meals of my life. a playful and brilliant spin on Spanish tapas and some other fun stuff.
  1. Air Baguettes wrapped in Iberian Ham. Served with "pillows" filled with manchego creme and shaved manchego on top.
  2. Boquerones (white anchovies) atop chicken skin with some other goodness inside.
  3. Beet meringue "churros" served with horseradish sauce
  4. A trip around the world with Oysters...they brought out different kinds of oysters that highlighted flavors across the globe.
  5. crispy octopus atop some smoking stones and glass. insane.
  6. TORO with caviar. Thinly sliced to evoke the feeling of eating jamon. Brilliant. Too good.
  7. Foie Gras in goodness knows what kind of crazy sauce.
  8. crispy "pizza" with micro greens and burrata.
  9. not pictured: 20 or so other dishes that I was too busy devouring to photograph. shoutout to the Pesto Waffle, meringue pancakes and the best damn steak I've ever had.