Everyone has them...in no particular order...
  1. Hammerhead
    Obvious choice but this wide nosed fish is a classic.
  2. Great White
    The world renowned killer known locally in South Africa as the 'Tommy Shark' is not as deadly as the mainstream media would have you believe.
  3. Goblin Shark
    A rare beast with an elongated nose, this bottom dwelling fish is not all it appears to be in name.
  4. Sixgill
    Often mistaken for a great white, this cheeky little doppelgänger has exactly 6 gills.
  5. Basking shark
    This wide mouthed sea dwelling monster is not as dangerous as it looks. Unless you're plankton. Then you're going down in the thousands.
  6. Blacktip reef shark
    Often found in aquariums, and not to be confused with blacktip sharks in general the reef variety has a 'go faster' white stripe down each side.
  7. Blue shark
    Bloody massive and eats people.
  8. Bull shark
    Even bigger and eats slightly less people.
  9. Whale shark
    Huge but doesn't tend to eat people.
  10. Tiger shark
    Bigger than a tiger, smaller than a whale.