A look back at growing up in Irvine, written from my childhood bedroom.
  1. Located in Orange County, California.
    Home of those pesky housewives. No, this doesn't mean that I've met any housewives. However, it does mean that my old softball coach made an appearance selling homes on the show, and that we were all very proud of him.
  2. Not quite the 90210, but close...
    We're about 40 minutes to an hour south of Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and every other place that LA County has to offer. To be honest, most people are fine avoiding that drive. The traffic can be hellish if you're getting too close to rush hour. Apart from the occasional concert or amusement park trip, most people tend to stick to Orange County.
  3. Beaches, beaches, and more beaches
    We sure do love our proximity to the coastline. Just hop on PCH and choose your favorite spot. People are still going to be tanning in December, so you'll never really find an empty beach.
  4. You need a car
    I feel like this applies to most of California. There is very little to do in Irvine. It is a personal rule of mine that it will take at least a 15-20 minute drive to get anywhere remotely exciting.
  5. What are seasons?
    Irvine, CA was the warmest city in the country on Christmas Day, 2014. If I'm remembering correctly, it was 85 degrees. I wore shorts.
  6. Bring on the swarms of Republican moms
    And dads and kids and grandparents and probably pets. I know real people that are planning on voting for Donald Trump. It is terrifying. I am very thankful that I escaped Irvine's conservative hell, for the most part, when I moved away to college.
  7. Never ending construction and development
    All usable land is turned into housing. Each time I come home from college, an entirely new community has been built. And, each time, the homes are more ridiculous and expensive.
  8. Safest city in America
    Irvine has been named America's Safest Big City since 2005. Cops notoriously spend most of their time ticketing skateboarders without helmets and drivers that try to pull "rolling stops" at stop signs.
  9. It was a pleasure growing up here, and it was a pleasure moving away.
    I moved away to Northeastern University in Boston about two years ago. I've been in Irvine for less than three months over these past two years. Spending so much time away from home has helped me to appreciate how lucky I was to grow up here. Thanks for reading.