I watch A Lot of television. This is hard for me.
  1. Lost
    Lost is one of my favorite shows. Its narrative complexity and use of flashbacks and flash forwards changed the way that serial stories are told on television. I've written multiple papers on this... I care a lot about this dumb show. Also, seeing that I would be trapped on an island, maybe it would inspire me to build a raft or escape back to the mainland or something. Who knows.
  2. Sense8
    I don't know if I've ever been so immediately in love with a show. More people need to watch this ASAP. The Wachowski's, the cast, and the crew did such an amazing job. (When will season 2 come out? Can it be now?)
  3. Chuck
    Chuck and Morgan are my nerdy kids. I would choose all 5 seasons of Chuck over most things. The last episode of Chuck is, to this day, my favorite series finale.