7 girls, 12 bottles of wine. We all make mistakes.
  1. Pink or white?
    Easy. One of each.
  2. This is going really well.
    The seven of us circle up, clinking and swigging from our bottles.
  3. Wine bottles shouldn't be made of glass.
    They are large and breakable, and I am very clumsy.
  4. I can't feel my thumbs.
    Be careful with tape...
  5. I love everyone sooo much!!
  6. I wonder how my liver's doing.
  7. I'm stopping because I'm responsible.
    At this point, I was already 1 1/2 bottles in.
  8. All of the hair has been ripped off of the back of my hand.
    Can I count this as a free waxing?
  9. We should all do this again soon!
    No. We probably shouldn't.