I know 7-11 is massive there and random stores like Saturday Surf and Freeman's are big, too. But this? This I never could have prepared myself for:
  1. See's Candies
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    I won't even stop for those bullshit caramels-on-sticks they're selling at the airport, let alone in Tokyo.
  2. Urth Caffe
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    So big they apparently have their own traffic sign??
  3. Luke's Lobster
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  4. Garrett's Popcorn
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    Spent my childhood licking their greasy orange cheese off my fingers in downtown Chicago. The line is long back home, but here it is *epic*. The queue at Tokyo Station (there are multiple Garrett's!) was 30 people deep.
  5. Brooklyn Charm
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    Yep, the jewelry store off the L train is bigger here than Lost In Translation is.
  6. Sarabeth's
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    ?!?!???? WHY
  7. Il Mulino
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    This restaurant is one block from my apartment in NYC. I have never been. One block.
  8. Shakey's
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    Really? We couldn't import Lou Malnatis to NYC but you can get Shakey's in Shibuya?
  9. Joe's Shanghai
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    The dingy, crowded Chinatown restaurant i gorge myself on soup dumplings at back home is here IN A BIG WAY. I won't even pee at the NY one and this outpost has chandeliers!!
  10. One more from Joe's Shanghai bc WTF
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    Imagine your local chinese restaurant has a glamorous Fifth Avenue sister wife you never knew about. HOW
  11. Fish's Eddy
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    As part of a collaboration with Mister Donut (their Dunkin' Donuts) who had a Baggu collab the week prior
  12. Gorilla Coffee
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    Only instead of being on a casual corner in Brooklyn, they have a CostCo-sized storefront in Tokyo
  13. Kate Spade Saturday
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    Ya know, considering the brand shut down American operations a few months ago. (and this one has a pretzel cafe!)
  14. and...knockoff Cronuts!
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    Dominique Ansel himself just opened a Tokyo cafe because peeps are obsessed, but imitations are everywhere!